LED USB Atmosphere Ambient Ceiling Light/Projector Decorative Light

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【Interesting Romantic】Unique design is great for Car, Bedroom, Camping, Parties or adding a interesting and romantic atmosphere to your leisure living area

【Easy to Use】Just plug in a USB slot and done, no switches for on or off.

【Mode Adjustable】Has a turnable twist on the top so you can make different patterns, lights can make the whole room, car and more with a great piercing Blue Purple or Red Galaxy worth.

【Bending Freely】The wire is very sturdy, it will stay bent to whatever angle you set it to point towards.Throws up quite a bit of nice effects wherever it is pointed. The further away from the target the wider the spread of stars.

【Lightweight & Portable】Small size and light weight. Simply toss the USB Atmosphere Light in your backpack and you're good to go, takes minimal space, for Travel, Party, Camping and More.